These are your choices!

Sometimes people live in the most beautiful spots in the world, with breathtaking views from their terraces, but they decide to stay inside for most of the time.

Often, people complain about bad things that happen to them in life, but they hesitate to take any step to get out of their perceived misery.

Many leaders and managers take more time explaining why a situation is bad and why they are constrained by the paradigms surrounding them instead of making any efforts to change them.

The key difference between your situation now and in future are your choices.

Countless studies show that the most successful people and organizations thrive because of their choices, not because of a favorable environment, luck, market growth, or other excuses that are always mentioned by those lacking behind. Of course, those factors count as well, but they only boost your success if you are already on the right track.

So what is so difficult about making strong choices?

  • Clarity. People are not clear about what they want. Counter-intuitively, this applies to top managers as well as to shop floor workers. You cannot make smart choices without knowing where you want to go.
  • Decision. Choosing one direction means making a decision against another option. Most people want to do the new thing, but also keep the old thing going. It doesn't work—and it never has.
  • Resolve. Choices without actions are meaningless. Many people lack the resolve to take the next step after they make a decision.

Either you let others determine your actions and your organization's future or you make the choices yourself. This, too, is your choice!


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