"We alone shape our own success." 

Why should you trust a graduate engineer to bring your team, yourself, or your company to new levels of success? 

Well, my career is not normal, nor are my approaches and methods. After several career stages, roles and functions in companies, like Siemens, SAP, and Nestlé, over 20 years, I have gathered enough insights to spot the difference between medium and peak performance for my clients. 

I punched spare parts in dark workshops (long ago!) and discussed good ideas with executive teams, collaborated with outstanding leaders from many countries, and achieved great results, experienced setbacks, and shaped the future with international teams. Ramping my own company also required perseverance and focus. 

In the meantime, I have been constantly educating myself and am still doing this today. I invest at least one hour every day in gaining new knowledge and five-digit amounts each year in programs and conferences of the world's best experts in the fields of top performance, psychology, leadership, sales, marketing, corporate culture, and other related topics. 

The key question for me is:

My message to all who want to achieve more than just average

"What motivates some people, teams, and organizations to deliver consistently top performance, while others remain on average, at best?" 

The pursuit of the answer to this question has kept me busy for many years, and with some success, I supported quite a good number of business leaders and managers to raise to new levels of success within a short time and to achieve measurable results with their teams. Whether it is the focus on a new strategy, the increase in sales, the motivation of the team, or a stronger customer focus, I hear that it is impressive how much change I generate in such a short time. That makes me proud and grateful. 

Based on all these findings and my extensive studies with the best thought leaders in the world, I wrote the book “Business Fitness: Escape mediocrity!” (only in German, published at SpringerGabler). 

What makes me unique? Well, it’s best you make your own judgment. My customers believe in my ability to inspire, my energy, my momentum, my clarity, my urge to achieve measurable results, and my broad expertise. Click here to arrange a brief exploration session. After this, we'll see if we want to work together. I look forward to meeting you. 

So, to answer the above question: If you want real change with your team or company, as fast and sustainable as possible, then we should talk. I love to roll up my sleeves and discover your full potential for the benefit of yourself, your team, and your customers.

You can contact me at volkmar.voelzke@new-pace.com and Tel. +41 44 586 2707. Or simply click on the box below and fill in the fields. Response within 24 hours on workdays.