3 Don’ts of any successful initiative

What is the biggest source of underperformance in organisations? First, programs and initiatives that do not deliver the intended results; and second, inefficient business processes. If you want to fail with your next improvement initiative follow these three “bad practices”:

  1. Neglect dynamics. Set up a program that may deliver its first positive results in 3-5 years. Omit the revision. Bad luck if the environment has changed in the meantime and the goals became obsolete.
  2. Set up large committees where people exchange opinions without making decisions and committing to them. Try not to follow up on action plans.
  3. Oversize. The bigger the initiative, the more visibility you will get.  And you will see the impact… only after years – when you have hopefully moved to a next position up the ladder.

Do you find these statements exaggerated? We wish they were. What’s the alternative? Agree on a challenging goal or vision, measurable objectives, a crispy roadmap, communicate, and then … go for it and measure the success ­– step by step! Preconditions: Clear decisions, leadership, and the required know-how.

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