3 Simple Steps to Ensure Customer Loyalty

From our Friday noon memo #10:

Outstanding customer service processes are rare but they exist. Let me share with you a recent personal experience with an agency for travel and visa services. Here are three simple and inexpensive things they do to keep their customers loyal:

  1. Deliver value upfront. All relevant information for each service is available online and easy to understand. Specific email requests are processed within 60 minutes.
  2. Make the processes clear, fast and straightforward. All process steps and delivery times are clearly explained. Once you send your documents or payment, you receive an order confirmation and status update by return.
  3. Exceed customers’ expectations. Together with your travel documents (always delivered on time) you receive some helpful travel information. And just before your trip, you’ll receive a travel checklist.

Does it make their service more expensive? No, they are simply customer-focused and efficient. Will I stay loyal to this provider? Definitely!

What is your customer experience? Comment on this blog to share it with us.

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