Are You A Commodity?

Let's face it: 99% of us are a commodity in most what we do. Same for organizations. And many of those are quite successful. So, forget the paradigm "You need to be unique to become successful".

Instead, let me suggest you to ask:

  • "How do I define success (for me or my company)?"
  • "Is this success the ultimate goal of my (or my company's) existence?"

The gist of the matter is the word "success": It is always related to the past. What many "successful" people and organizations miss is a clear perspective for the future. Call it "inspiration".

Without inspiration you will soon become a commodity.

Inspiration is always linked to emotions, projected into the future. Only those emotions make us move. Not the success of the past. Need a show case? Look at Tunisia or Egypt in these turbulent times.

Let me suggest you this: Find out what inspires you or your organization. Then formulate a vision and a strategy to follow your inspiration. Then go for it.

This – and only this – will make you unique in your niche.

What it is your inspiration and what makes you or your organization unique? Comment below.


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