Beware of consulting!

Why would you need consulting? Why for your organization? What’s the value?

If you ask these questions, you are not alone. Many business leaders and managers who I talk with the first time have serious doubts about the benefits and the value of an external consultant or coach. And they are right!

Why? Simply because three decisive questions are often not answered:

  1. What exactly will be better when working with you as consultant or coach?
  2. What exactly is the added value?
  3. Why can I not achieve the same results by myself or with my internal resources?

These are good questions! That is why I always clarify them at the outset, sometimes long before we agree on my support–if at all. The point is this: if you do not find a convincing answer to each of the three questions, you will not act–unless you have too much money to spend. A quite uncommon event!

For your help and to gain clarity, I created answers to these questions based on my personal experiences with my clients.

Question 1: What exactly will be better when working with you as consultant or coach?

Well, as a general rule, nobody on earth has enough time and resources to make everything by himself and to reinvent the wheel. Focused support is the key to success for all outstanding organizations and people. Why else do all the best athletes have a coach?

Only with external support from a coach or consultants can you climb to really new performance levels. Only with the view and experience of outsiders can you break through barriers and achieve more, sustainable success–whatever success means to you (more growth, higher profit, less risk, less stress, more discretionary time, more joy, or more excited clients, for instance)

Here are some concrete examples of the added value of working with me:

  • You’ll identify new, appealing, challenging goals and define precise steps to reach them.
  • You’ll find new ways out of mediocrity and achieve something truly outstanding.
  • You’ll have a clear and convincing business strategy for all staff members that will be executed with passion and full commitment.
  • You’ll substantially and sustainably raise the passion and commitment of your employees.
  • You’ll develop ideas and strategies for currently ignored market segments.
  • You’ll increase the innovation power of your organization.
  • You’ll raise your organization’s agility.
  • You’ll align your organization fully toward your customers–in day-to-day reality, not just in theory.

Question 2: What exactly are the benefits for me and my business?

The second decisive question is, “What’s the outcome and value at the end of the day?” Or, to put it another way, “Why should I get into this at all?

Without a clear and convincing added value, you will not buy anything–especially not consulting or coaching. What is the specific added value when working with me? 

  • You’ll increase your productivity substantially (25% and more).
  • You’ll increase your ratio of returning customers.
  • You’ll get more job applications by talented people who are eager to work for your company.
  • You’ll reduce the risk of having too few big customers.
  • You’ll receive more requests from potential customers.
  • You’ll focus on the most important success drivers of your organization–instead of fighting fires.
  • You and your people will have more fun at work.
  • You’ll develop and implement strategies in the shortest possible time.

Question 3: Why can I not achieve the same results by myself or with my internal resources? 

In general you could do all of this by yourself–and many organizations try to. But:

  • It is simply not your core competence. You are outstanding in the areas of expertise that provide your customers with highest value, with your products and services. But most likely you are less outstanding in the subject matter described in question #1.
  • You will need more time–if you achieve the results at all.
  • You will spend more time and energy on these “internal” issues and consequently disregard your customers. You and your staff members can spend their time only once.
  • Most likely you are not at the leading edge of knowledge in the described areas. Or do you invest each day 1-2 hours in education on these topics and regularly attend seminars–like I do?
  • You only get fresh ideas and inspiration from somebody external who has broad experience with different industries and company sizes. 

Final remark

By the way, it is never the right time to kick off activities that can sustainably raise performance. Operating tasks always have priority. But the most successful organizations and people do invest a substantial amount of time and resources in their strategic development. This is the only way to secure your future and to thrive.

Yes, move ahead now instead of waiting for the always-in-the-future, never-arriving “right point in time!”