Casualness leads to casualties

One of the behaviors I see too often in organizations is casualness. Perhaps you know the old saying: “Casualness leads to casualties.”

The performance of many businesses could improve dramatically if more people took a more serious approach to their jobs.

I think that too many people, particularly in management positions, try simply to “get through the day”.

This has nothing to do with taking time for recreation or being “easy-going”. But it has everything to do with responsibility for your own success and for the people around you. I believe we are here on earth to make this a better place, so let’s get serious about our mission. Each of us can do more and can become more effective.

Here are three ideas to get more results without investing much – except some discipline and a winning mindset:

  1. Follow up on opportunities! I find it amazing how many opportunities in life and business show up, but pass by without anybody paying attention. As an example, when performing a workshop for a client recently, I left my business card with the responsible person at a not-so-well-booked seminar hotel. Do you think I got any reaction, a thank-you-card, a personal email, anything? You guessed it: zero. Nothing. Silence. They will probably complain tomorrow in the press about the tough competition and difficult market conditions.
  2. Grow! It is a common topic of mine, and again, I find it frustrating to see how few people in business (including senior leaders) hardly do anything systematically for their own personal growth. How can anybody perform at their best without constant learning and growing? The unwillingness to invest in one’s self-development remains a mystery to me.
  3. Commit! Most business meetings end without any serious commitment. Most people’s days start without a serious commitment to achieving specific goals on that day. Commitment is a skill that must be trained – like a muscle. Successful people are committed people.

Do you want to get serious about your success?

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