Create a Clear View!

All organizations need strategies and processes. Strategy means: Where we go. Processes stand for: How we run our business.

The issue: Many strategies and processes are too complex, unclear, inconsistent, unknown, not executed, or all of these.

The impact on performance and sustainability is tremendous.
The organizations with clear, simple, consistent, well-communicated, and well-executed strategies and processes outperform the competition, grow faster, last longer, and are more profitable.

The good news: Everybody is aware of this fact. The bad news: Few act.

This gap exists for three reasons:

  • Most leaders and managers think that they need a big project to start working on their strategy and processes.
  • Many do not know where to start. The sheer scope of what should be improved is overwhelming.
  • Ironically, many managers like dealing with complexity and firefighting because this gives meaning to their work hours.

The solution to points 1 and 2: Little steps with rapid results, starting today.

External help makes sense for a clear view on where to start and how to move ahead (see our Rapid Help Packages as example).

After success is demonstrated—and it will be quickly—issue number 3 becomes irrelevant since the complexity-lovers can turn to other meaningful work—or leave the organization.


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