Cut costs, but don’t cut off your customers

The recent strike of air controllers in France turned my last week’s business trip to Spain into an extraordinary travel experience. The low-cost airline Easyjet cancelled my return flight twice in a row – once without any notification and always without any human-operated customer service. Finally, I flew back with another airline. Read here the full story.

Two lessons learned:

  1. From customer's perspective: If you purchase a low cost product (like an Easyjet flight) never ever expect any service beyond what you directly pay for. Lower your expectations or you’ll get frustrated.
  2. From company's perspective: Even with the most efficient processes in the world there remains one fact: it is always the client who pays your bill. Processes – customer service in particular – must always embrace – and not exclude – the customer. The exclusive focus on internal process efficiency can jeopardise your business.

The good news: Outstanding customer service can – and should – be combined with efficient processes. Is that new? No, but many organizations are still miles away.

What are your travel experiences? Share them as comment below.

Till next time. Volkmar

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