Do you walk your talk?

I just returned from a European summit of an organization that promotes the development of professional speaking and leadership skills worldwide. But when one of the honored senior executives stood up to deliver a keynote on leadership, I saw a boring PowerPoint show with lists of bullets.

The issue here is that the executive obviously does not take the goals of the organization he represents too seriously.

Therefore, he undermines people’s trust and confidence in the purpose of the whole organization.

If you are a leader, be aware that you must demonstrate credibility every day.

A couple of ideas:

  • If your goal is high performance, then run EACH meeting with clear objectives, on time, and with documented next steps.
  • If your goal is high employee commitment, then provide your staff with a clear vision and strategy that they can easily understand and buy into.
  • If your goal is more simplicity, then streamline business processes. Be able to explain your business model on one page and to summarize your strategy on two pages.
  • If your goal is faster response time to customers, then answer each internal and external email request within several hours and respond to quick questions within 90 minutes.

Demonstrating your authenticity with these little steps is worth 1,000 times more than any big transformation concept.

Start now. Walk your talk!


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