How do you learn Skiing?

Enjoying the spring snow last weekend I came to realise what are the key factors for successful skiing. They turn to be similar to those of successful management. Not a skier? Don’t worry, just read on.

  1. Master your process (or call it technique or method). This is the key factor and the most difficult to acquire. What helps? Professional instructions, benchmarks (looking at better skiers) and readiness to learn and change.
  2. Choose your conditions (or call it strategy). Good weather and soft snow help you improve faster. You can plan for most of the conditions: look at the weather forecast, select a ski area with good snow. Making the right choices makes up a good strategy.
  3. Use the right tools. Good material can help quite a lot. However, it is useless without the right technique or at bad conditions.

So, how to become successful? Process + strategy + tools: working on all three will help you improve quickly your performance. Think of it not only at the slopes but also in your office.

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