How much time do you waste?

We all waste too much time on things that are not important or doing things that will not change for the better. However, what is counterintuitive for many is that using MORE time for certain activities can bring disproportionate time savings.

Three examples include:

  • The Chief Operating Officer of a multi-billion dollar corporation invests up to 40 hours of his working time in the preparation of a 20-minute speech (Read the full story here). Thanks to his thorough preparation, his speech is so effective that he saves a lot of negotiation time that would be needed if his message did not come across as he intended. 
  • You spend five hours preparing your next 30-minute meeting, NOT in creating PowerPoints (that is a pure waste if time), but for solidifying your goals and tailoring the attendee list to the objectives. By this, you directly save time for both yourself and others.
  • Once a week, you take four hours - with NO distractions - to think about the vision and the strategy of your organization. You are able to come up with a clear focus. By doing so, you avoid confusing meetings and discussions, and you save time and energy of many people in your organization.

How do you know where to invest more time and where to invest less? Think of the impact that you will create on others and on yourself. Then, make a list of your planned activities and estimate the impact of each of them. Then shift your time toward those activities with the highest impact.

Important: Start NOW, not in three months! Don't waste your time.


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