How to illuminate the future

Yes, sometimes, Facebook helps for generating inspirational ideas! Some time ago, I stumbled upon an article of the renowned Swiss newspaper NZZ, which shines a new light on an well-known topic: 

"We Laggards - or: The Art of Good Life" 

I like the comparison: All our thoughts, plans, and analyses are only small pocket lamps that provide a very limited view into the fog of the future. The only thing that really “enlightens" the future is moving forward. This is the floodlight compared to the pocket lamp, called “thinking” and “planning". 

This is one main reason why business executives, teams and entire companies remain far below their possibilities: they need far too long to come into action. They fiddle with the pocket lamp for a month, and wish it would finally be brighter and the fog would disappear. However, it does not! 

Here are 3 areas where this is particularly critical (with ideas on what you should do to turn on the flood lights): 

  1. Uncovering the potentials. In most talks I have with business leaders, we are quick to conclude there are significant potentials to improve and what steps to take. However, only a few move ahead. Others, hesitate and hesitate and hesitate. There may be good reasons for this in individual cases. However, you stay with your torch instead of the flood light!
  2. Strategy implementation. Most strategies are never fully implemented. One reason is hesitation. Therefore, I almost "force" my clients to make first steps into the new direction directly after (sometimes even during) the strategy definition phase. The resistance is sometimes significant, but that is exactly what is needed to create the future.
  3. Marketing & Sales. Yes, you can only win customers if you go ahead. This should be known! However, why do most salespeople and their managers spend most of the day deadling with everything but selling? There are reasons (usually fear), but it does not help if you want to generate sales.

Let me know when you’re ready to turn on the flood lights. Click here.