How to sabotage your success

We all have built a mechanism into our thinking which systematically prevents us from becoming more successful.

Yes, right: This mechanism helps us to survive (at least it did in the stone age), but it prevents us from accomplishing more and having a greater impact on the world. 

What am I talking about? Simply, your inability to correctly assess the consequences of non-decisions and non-actions. 

We are usually good at assessing the consequences of actions and decisions. When I eat healthier, I will feel better, will be more active and will live for longer. If we sell better, we will make more profit. And so on. 

We, however, underestimate the consequences of our non-action.

What if we do not contact ten customers today? What if we do not exercise today? What if today, we do not ask our team members for feedback on our behavior? What if we are not investing the necessary hours in our training today? 

The result: We do not do what is necessary and sabotage our success.

Here are three steps to escape this trap and get into the champions league of the most successful: 

  1. Write down the 3-5 most important topics at which you must change something to 10x your success (yes, be extreme!).
  2. Now note what you can achieve in these areas, ideally, if you start massive actions from now on. This is about setting realistic but ambitious results. Nearly all of us can, for example, double our sales, triple productivity, and massively increase customer loyalty.
  3. By this, you know the price you must pay if you do NOT start these actions under point 2 now. Clearly, you are sabotaging these results if you are NOT acting now. Do you want that?

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