How to triple your effectiveness


The last memo was about one of the most neglected topics for greater success and high performance: your sloppy language. 

Today, I'll give you three concrete tips to help you recognize and systematically improve your unconscious language patterns.

The impact of these changes on your success will be significant. 

  1. Uncertainty. Many of our words that sabotage our persuasion ability come from deeply rooted uncertainty. We are afraid to express ourselves clearly, because that would mean we commit in front of others. Hard to believe? Believe me that whenever you express yourself unclearly (“however", “not bad", “could work", etc.), you are uncertain. Work on it!
  2. Mirroring. We reflect our counterparts continuously - subconsciously. We also do this with words. I often experience in executive meetings how the participants "pull themselves down", linguistically. Tip: Make sure you accept no negative language patterns.
  3. Habits. In principle, we are our habits. The same with language. Most people never think about the negative impact their language patterns can have. Tip: Read and listen carefully to good speakers, daily. If you listen to linguistically good audio programs every morning, you will almost automatically become better in your use of language.

The best and most sustainable way to do this is, by the way, a coach, who consistently reflects your subconscious expressions and behaviors. This allows you to achieve substantial improvements in a short time and maximize your impact and success. Interested? Sign up for a free evaluation interview here.