Impressed by impressionists

Many people enjoy fine pieces of art, but how many try to understand the success factors behind an artist's celebrity? What could you learn from Claude Monet – besides painting?

Long after their creator passed away, Monet’s Water lilies, Jardin in Giverny and Cathedral of Rouen attract millions of visitors to the world’s best museums every year. Extraordinary talent, you’ll say. Indeed, but there were dozens of other gifted and - less known artists. So what’s the secret of Monet’s striking success?

  • Relationship management. Monet was targeting to become celebrated: to sustain his relationships with influential art patrons, sponsors and galleries he always painted enough copies for all of them.
  • Discipline. He was extremely disciplined and productive. The one famous painting you find in a museum today was often painted more than 20 times before that final version; the work on Cathedral of Rouen stretched over 3 years. (Now, other museums are happy to exhibit the sketches.)
  • Innovation. Looking for new and unique motives to paint, Monet actually created his own garden, in Giverny, where he worked for 43 years. The result: Nympheas and The Japanese Bridge you won’t find anywhere else. 

What applies to Monet works also for your life and your business. What makes you stand out? There are many talented people around, as there are great business ideas. Success and –ultimately – celebrity come from something else, see above.

P.S. And drop in at Monet’s garden in Giverny, Normandie, France, you’ll be impressed!  

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