My Holiday Wishlist

With year end approaching, I wish ...

  1. Organizations will have more leaders and less managers.
  2. People recognize that there are no limits to excellence, perfect service, and outstanding leadership. Excellence is more a question of commitment than capabilities.
  3. All leaders and managers understand that their clarity of vision, strategy, and processes are not only “nice-to-have,” but also essential for employees’ commitment.
  4. Managers focus more on real execution instead of endless concepts on PowerPoints.
  5. CEOs understand that most people will give their best if the leadership team sends consistent signals and “walks the talk.”
  6. HR does not hire the most adapted people but those who have inspiration and unique value to provide. Best leadership is NOT based on MBAs and the like.
  7. Everybody understands that the main purpose of all organizations is to serve clients.
  8. Every customer service representative realizes that response time is the number one satisfaction factor.
  9. Leaders acknowledge that what is clear to them is not necessarily clear to others and that knowledge sharing and communications are the keys to success.
  10. All meetings have clear objectives and documented next steps.
  11. All decisions are real decisions and not just statements to be re-discussed.
  12. More leaders step out of their comfort zone to achieve results that matter.

Happy Holidays!


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