Remember the Front Lines ...

We have been in the slit trenches for 61 days. The frontlines are in our district, gunfight lasted the whole night, bombs fall the whole week. […]  God knows what will happen to us. […] The days are warm, sunny and clear.

Serafima Voronina, a women living in Stalingrad during the terrible house-to-house fighting in fall 1942, left these words in her diary before being killed by bomb attacks. Months later, a soldier found her diary in the city’s ruins.

These days, we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II. Even if other headlines dominate the current global attention we should never forget the horror of those years that left millions of people dead, and hundreds of millions homeless and expelled.

New Pace is proud to support an innovative international project that combines photographs from the today’s city of Volgograd with the diary of that war victim…. The effect is emotionally moving. Learn more about this project.

Why are we engaged in such a project? Because we deeply believe that keeping the memory of the past helps build a better future. As consultants, we see it as our responsibility to look beyond the daily headlines.

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