Seize your opportunities every day

Our last memo featured three obstacles to improving any business: the fear of incalculable change effort, lacking priorities, and uncertainty about the best process. As a result, you and your organisation miss opportunities for achieving better results and higher performance each day.

Seizing opportunities requires three things:

  1. Clarify what you really want to achieve. Prioritise. Take time to see what’s really important. And align the priorities of different stakeholders.
  2. Make a plan and break it down into digestible steps. This will help you see the path to the summit instead of an insurmountable amount of work. 
  3. Make a first step -- which is the most difficult one. Start today. With every next step, you gain experience and move forward ­– in the right direction if you have a clear plan, see point 2 above.

Final tip: An internal or external mentor helps you create the momentum, keep the pace and stay focused along the way.

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