The success of small steps

I’m sure you know the answer to the old question “How do you eat an elephant?”. Here it is: “One bite at a time!” 

As simple as this sounds, very few people – and in particular business leaders – get the reverse meaning in this answer:

By taking small steps in the right direction, you will ultimately achieve big results – no matter your goals. 

Let me give you some examples: If you learn a new sales technique every day, you will ultimately become better at sales. If you do a workout once week, you will become healthier. 

This sounds easy, right? Why, then, are so few people applying this method of small step improvements? The reason is three common traps: 

  1. Slow progress initially. Yes, it’s true, after the first few steps, you will hardly see any progress. It’s tough for everybody to stay on course without clear, positive feedback in terms of results.
  2. Out of the comfort zone. Many activities for personal development are out of their comfort zone for most people. If you haven’t practiced continuous growth for years, you are probably simply not used to it, and it feels awkward even to listen to an educational audio program, for instance.
  3. No routine. As you might know, our willpower is very limited. That’s why we give up even beneficial activities if they don’t become a routine. You must make your constant improvement a habit.

To help you avoid these traps and make your journey to outstanding success in life and business a habit, I have created my new program, the “100 Day Success Challenge”. 

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