The truth about trust

Your processes can be complex and expensive or simple and cost-efficient. There is one aspect of complexity that is even more important than high costs:

Complexity undermines trust.


  • Only a few people trust a telecom provider who offers phone plans with fifteen footnotes and numerous exceptions to rules for every minute of talk.
  • Only a few people trust the tax authorities and assume they pay the lowest possible taxes. Tax laws are complex, so the probability is high that you and I pay more than we would if there were simpler rules.
  • Finally, who trusts a bank at which the employees write a request to change customer data by hand and then fax it to another branch? (If you think this is 19th century, then look more closely at the operations of some Canadian banks.)

Complexity smothers the trust of your customers and your employees.

Shouldn't you focus more on simplifying processes and offerings if you agree that retaining customers and ensuring the commitment of employees is key to the success of your business?

By the way, as a side effect, you save money by streamlining processes and lowering the costs of your product portfolio.

Just think about it.


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