There is no reason…

One of the benefits of travelling to different countries is the opportunity to experience habits and cultural norms that are quite different from what we encounter in daily business life. Having visited a variety of countries, I make it my personal mental exercise to spot good and bad practices, just as I recently did on my trip to the Dominican Republic. 

Here comes my point: Despite all cultural differences, there remain some “universal truths” when it comes to customer focus and productivity.

No matter where in the world you live, there is no good reason—in any circumstance—NOT to be customer focused and NOT to be productive.

Why? Customer focus simply means to make more and stable revenue from less leads and customers. Productivity means to create more good results with less time and resources.

This sounds amazingly simple. However, if I received just one dollar for each violation of these rules, I’d collect millions within a couple of weeks. To give you some ideas for typical areas of improvement, here are ten real-life examples that you can deploy directly within your business.

There is no reason that …

  • … your business does not offer credit card payment options, considering cheap and simple tools and apps that work with each smartphone,
  • … a hotel needs more than 5 minutes for checking in and out,
  • … a bar or restaurant has a complicated Wi-Fi login process (unless it’s required by law),
  • … you do not regularly offer additional services or products to your existing customer base,
  • … you do not frequently ask your customers for referrals,
  • … you do not reply to any customer request within 24 hours,
  • … your staff members do not start each day with a winners’ mindset, ready to succeed,
  • … you do not share authentic customer success stories with your entire staff,
  • … you do not cancel unproductive meetings,
  • … you do not learn persuasion techniques for better leadership.

If there is NO reason to keep any of these ten mediocre practices, then just stop them. Now! There is no reason not to!

And there is no reason not to become more successful. This video explains why. Click here.