Three hacks to grow team productivity by 25%

The amazing fact is that all teams can become more productive. Why is it, then, that most teams stay at their current levels, even if productivity gains could be relatively easy to achieve? 

The simple answer: most people feel comfortable and safe in their current state.

This includes business leaders, teams, and entire organizations. Change is hard, even if this change means improvement. That’s why most obese people stay obese, smokers continue smoking, and people don’t become better leaders. 

Despite these challenges, here are 3 strategies to grow your team productivity by 25% or more: 

  1. Increase clarity. This sounds so simple and yet, most teams I see are not entirely clear about their mission, their vision, their standards, and other core elements of high-performing teams. Remember: nobody engages completely while uncertain.
  2. Increase passion. Too many teams are just “doing their job”, but lack any inspiration and full commitment. Productivity will soar when people become passionate about their team’s success.
  3. Increase momentum. This is my favorite topic. Speed is power. Do things quickly. Celebrate successes more often. Create an atmosphere of movement and action.

These 3 ideas are only the tip of the iceberg for team performance.

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