What do you want?

One of the most stunning facts about human beings is that most people can only be happy with a certain amount of control over their own lives, but most people never do the most important things that would give them more control. 

This is the classic conflict within many people – the difference between wanting and taking appropriate action. Most people want many things in life, but are lagging behind when it comes to investing the necessary time, energy, dedication, discipline, and money. In other words: many are not willing to pay the price needed to advance and achieve more success. 

The same applies to many organizations: they try to get away with shortcuts and the least effort possible. This rarely works. To have outstanding success you have to demonstrate outstanding dedication. In most cases, success is attracted by those people and businesses that focus all their energy on becoming more successful – in contrast to defending the status quo. 

Besides these often ignored facts about success, there are some simple techniques that most people never apply, but that would increase their chances of success dramatically, whether it’s in business or in private life.

Here are the three most powerful methods for immediate effect: 

  1. Write down your top 10 goals for the next 12 months. Put them in the present tense and make them easily measurable. For example: “we win 10 new customers every month and generate over $1m in revenue” or “our employees rate us the best company to work for in our industry.” Many managers have a huge list of complex goals, but are lacking simple and clear goal statements.
  2. Move at least one little step each day toward your written objectives. At the end of each day write down which measurable progress you want to achieve the next day. Work on it first thing in the morning if possible.
  3. Rewrite your 10 goals at least once a week. This is a simple technique to ensure you get your goals embedded in your subconscious mind. Also, in your leadership team, everybody should know these agreed objectives by heart.

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