What's your stand with inconsistencies?

Blog post from Natalia Filchakova, New Pace’s co-director.

I am allergic to inconsistency. Whether it is harmless or disturbing, it is concerning because of what’s behind it.

Consider these three examples:

A firm aspires to be a market leader in shipping cutting-edge engineering products. Yet its leadership is uninspiring, its decision cycles are long, and the entire organization is more reminiscent of a jelly than an arrow pursuing the target.

A time management guru wrote a number of books on the topic after having been in the business for a decade. Yet he needs ninety minutes for a presentation and fails to make a point.

The organizers of a preeminent leadership expert series invite a CEO of the Year for an interview. Yet the entire discussion revolves around high-level impersonal topics such as industry trends and international trade. When challenged why the interviewer left out the topic of leadership, the organizers conceded, “We thought there would not be much leadership insight from this particular human being.”

Which raises two questions:

First, what does the CEO of the Year award stand for, if not for leadership? Second, how can the organizers of a leadership expert series ignore the fact that any senior leader–let alone the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world–has at least a few leadership lessons to share. 

Spotting inconsistency is good. Uncovering and overcoming its root causes is great. Multiplying inconsistency is nuts.

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