Why Donald Trump will win

It is quite remarkable: since the beginning of the circus around the American presidential elections, one person has almost entirely occupied the stage: "The Donald" as he is often called.

Today, I will tell you why Donald Trump will win (whether or not he wins the presidential elections) and why you should take this lesson very seriously for your leadership.

Why do people choose which president? I will tell you a secret (which is probably not for you): it is NOT because of content. And it’s also little about how someone says something.

No, what matters most is whether people like to be like the person they choose. Or at least similar to the person.

And there is Mr. Trump, a true master in it: rarely would a follower rationally plead for his election. But what his followers share is that they would like to be like him: direct, provocative, ignorant, contemptuous, etc. and even with success! Because most of them are not at home at all. And if they do trust at times, the shot goes rather backwards.

This is the reason why Mr. Trump is likely not to win the elections: he is by no means going to be elected by those who absolutely do NOT want to be like him. In this respect, Donald Trump decides the elections almost alone. Hillary Clinton plays a secondary role that will only help in the polarization of her opponents in the end.

So, now look at the quality and impact of your leadership in business: To what extent do you have a leadership that is such that your entire team would like to be in the company? If 80%, then you can secretly assume that you can move everything in principle. On the contrary, you have bad cards.

Outstanding executives embody what others would like to be. That matters far more than content and style.

And that is what I see in very few companies: hardly anyone dreams of being like the leaders. As a result, many companies are slow to implement strategies and the motivation of the team is not easily improved.

That can and should be changed! In the next article, I will give you three methods of doing what you can to change that and turn your employees into fans (no matter if you are in America or not ...).

The outcomes: More enthusiasm, productivity, impact, profit. So it's worth it!