Yes, this is your responsibility!

If your environment is not the way you’d like it to be, whose responsibility is this? If your team is not acting the way you’d like it to act, who is responsible for this? If any of your relationships – professionally or privately – are not the way you want them to be, who holds the responsibility? 

You guessed the answer: it is always YOU. Nobody else! And if you think now “well, I can’t control and influence everything!” then you are right. But you can always control your perception of the reality. For example, if you think your work environment sucks, there are two perspectives: your actual work environment and your perception. You can often change your work environment, and you can ALWAYS change your perception. 

You’ll almost always find people on this planet who would appreciate what you refuse. The difference is perception, the mirroring with our own psychological blueprint. 

Let’s make it easy. Before ever complaining about anything (yes, anything!) take charge and change one of two things: the reality or your perception. If you consistently live your life according to these standards, you’ll not only achieve much more, but also feel more fulfilled and empowered.

Now, go out and practice this at your work! In each meeting, when people start complaining, ask: “What should we change here? The facts or our perception?" 

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