You hate uncertainty!

Today, I will make a personal confession to you: I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with uncertainty. Not good! Why? Because every piece of growth, every bit of progress, and every change causes uncertainty. 

The good news: I'm not alone! So, I can help others overcome the difficulties with uncertainty, because I just learned how to deal with the challenge myself. 

The bad news: I'm not alone! The more CEOs I support, the more I realize that many have the same difficulty: fear of uncertainty. 

The even worse news: As a team leader or CEO, you will sabotage your success if you're having trouble with uncertainty. 

The good news (finally!): You can work on it. However, most likely you'll need a coach for that. 

Here are three indicators for your difficulty to deal with uncertainty that you should definitely tackle: 

  1. You don't trust (almost) anybody. Because trust in others causes uncertainty. The other one can abuse the trust! Right, that can happen! However, this mistrust prevents you from greater success – and your team from unleashing its full potential.
  2. You delay decisions because decisions are uncertain. Hence you feel better by analyzing the facts again and conducting another meeting. Also, a common tactic: “forget” about important topics. However, your people remember that – and are going to leave.
  3. You do not listen to advice. Because a consultant or coach could contradict you and reveal unpleasant truths. Sure, this will make you feel uncertain. I know a lot of leaders who prefer not to get an honest and "unpleasant" sparring partner because otherwise, they would have to question themselves.

In the next memo, I'll provide you with some ideas on how to increase the success of your team and business by fighting your own uncertainties (and yes, you have them!). 

Until then, you can take a look at my coaching offer (click here), which helps for sure. Certainly!