Your limits in a limitless world

Almost limitless ...

Almost limitless ...

Some weeks ago, I attended the leading Swiss conference about the latest business trends and thought leadership, called Alpensymposium. The headline this year was “Limitless Fantasy”. The speakers pushed the 500 attending business executives out of their comfort zones in many ways. Why?

The new generation of individuals who are now starting their careers will demand completely new life and work models. Purpose and impact are related to the core of all decision-making processes. Money is more and more reduced to what it always has been—an input for greater freedom and choice. Technology will be a huge enabler on this journey (Read more in this blog entry).

So far, this may not be new to you. However, you probably do not take enough time to think through the consequences for your business:

  1. This is not hype. This is real. It is already happening.
  2. As all major changes in history, the change starts slowly and gains speed over time. Here, lies the danger for most businesses; they think they can ignore the early signs and go on forever with their established business models and ways of thinking. Without coincidence, many people compare these fundamental changes with a tsunami; at the beginning, you just notice less water. However, when it is already too late, you see the huge wave coming.
  3. There are already businesses that thrive on new ways of thinking.
  4. We are still at the beginning. Hence, opportunities are all over the place. You, as a leader, have the responsibility to spot them.
  5. Like all changes for your business, it starts with yourself. To be successful, you need to question your paradigms, listen to thought-leading sources, try different routes, and fail. As the old saying goes, you cannot address the challenges of tomorrow with the methods of yesterday.

What to do now? Here is the first step: read more books about upcoming changes, attend more conferences, listen to thought-provoking people. There will be more tips in one of our next blog posts.

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