Your personal ignorance

It is remarkable: Recently, my Friday Noon Memo covered a topic that should get the attention of every person in business who is interested in increasing revenue and profit (and who is not?). I was writing about the huge potential that most businesses leave completely unleashed by not tapping into their existing contact base to generate additional revenue. Click here to read it as a blog post.

The surprising results: Only one fifth of those who opened the memo clicked on the link to read the three foolproof ideas for generating additional revenue.

What is happening here? The answer to that question leads to interesting conclusions about why your employees are not as engaged as they should be — and why your business could be significantly more profitable.

Here is the key issue: Most of us unlearned how to appreciate immediate improvement in exchange for believing in the big concept that will bring us rewards “sometimes.”

I wrote about this sad truth in my blog post about the world famous violin player Joshua Bell at the subway entrance who was not recognized by anybody. Click here to read this story.

So, what can you do to avoid you and your employees missing out on the great ideas at your fingertips because you are all too busy with the “big project”?

Here are three simple recipes:

  1. Train yourself to execute on at least one little thing that you have learned about the same day. E.g., if you read about an interesting idea that pertains to your business, apply ONE thing immediately. Don't wait.
  2. Ask your team: “What new thing have you learned today that we could try to apply?” This question is hardly asked anywhere, yet it is extremely powerful in shifting the mindset from concepts to execution.
  3. Track new ideas in a journal and ask your team members to do the same. I find it amazing how much advice and how many great ideas are never realized simply because they are forgotten.

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