Your risk of getting outdated


Have you noticed the high pace of changes in the tools and processes that we use in our daily work? When dealing with business challenges and issues each day you might not notice the amazing impact on all our lives and businesses; however, this is just the beginning. Examples:

  • With leaders at even traditional machinery businesses, almost half of the people already use iPads and smartphones at work. In meetings, people increasingly take notes on their tablets, which also serve as devices to run presentations.
  • Landing pages and online ordering options are increasingly common for B2B relationships.
  • Video conferences via Skype replace meetings or traditional phone calls more often.

The list could go on. The question is: To what extent do you utilize these and other trends to the advantage of your business? Think of these simple changes to your organizational habits:

  • Scrap traditional meeting minutes. Instead, just summarize the key decisions and next steps, enhanced (or replaced) by a photo of your whiteboard notes during the meeting as captured with your smartphone. Deliver at the end of the meeting or not later than 15 minutes after the meeting.
  • As a line manager or project leader, record key messages on video (with your smartphone) and upload them to your internal communication forum (which is interactive, of course).
  • Instead of traditional marketing campaigns, set up landing pages with authentic videos for capturing email addresses of potential buyers. Time for technical setup: 2-4 hours by non-experts.
  • Have your websites and newsletters automatically formatted for mobile devices. Providers like SquareSpace and MailChimp offer these features in their standard packages. Why stick to a marketing agency with methods from the last century?

Why is all of this important? Simple:

  1. It sets an important sign internally: “We are keeping pace with the latest developments.” This makes your business attractive for dynamic young talent and keeps people at the edge of their seats.
  2. It increases productivity.
  3. It increases the speed of all your interactions, internally and with clients.
  4. It makes you stand out from the crowd. You are not the same as all of your competitors.
  5. It is more fun to try new stuff instead of doing more of the old routine.

Accelerator: encourage your younger talented staff members to propose and try out new methods and tools at work. Let them share their experiences.

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