Do you want to achieve significant improvement in a specific area of your business? 

Maybe you are struggling with declining sales. Or you have ambitious growth plans. Or your team does not always show full commitment and passion. Or you face a lack of clarity and ambition in the business strategy. Or you could gain market share by better customer focus. Or the leadership is not outstanding at all levels. 

With my unique Business Fitness Packages, you receive targeted support in the areas most beneficial to your business or team. 

The focus is always on clearly measurable results. We determine before beginning what we want to achieve and how we can measure it. Then, I start with the support at a fixed price. 

As in my book "Business Fitness: Escape Mediocrity!” (only in German), it is all about generating lasting improvements. The goal is you will continue to operate on a higher level of success, even if I am no longer with you. See me as your business fitness coach, who not only achieves higher levels of performance with you, but also arms you with the tools to keep you there permanently. 

I offer five Business Fitness Packages.

Strategy Success Package

The aim of this package is the development or improvement of a business strategy, which gives you a clear competitive advantage, is emotionally appealing for your team, and is implemented consistently and quickly with a clear process. Elements: 

  1. Identification of the current strategy deficits, beside others, through interviews and analysis of previous activities and your market success
  2. Compilation of a strategy success team from different business units
  3. Strategy development workshops with the strategy success team. Results: Clear strategy, summarized in a simple overview, clear vision, clear positioning, action packages, convincing communication, clear and strict implementation schedule
  4. Success measurement and support in implementation according to the implementation schedule

Winning Team Program

With this unique program, you will get targeted support to create a true winning team that is more enthusiastic, increases productivity, and significantly boosts the success of the team and the company. This can refer to a small team of 5 people and to a whole company with hundreds or thousands of people. The principles of winning teams are the same. 

The special feature of this program is the possibility to book it with a comprehensive video program, which gives you the best methods and procedures as a team leader, area manager, or managing director to train lasting top performance with your team.

Marketing & Sales Package

One of the biggest business challenges is the generation of a constant stream of revenue. Systematic marketing and effective sales have a significant potential for improvement in many companies. This package ensures a sustained strong positioning, clarity about the ideal market segments, and significant increases in sales efficacy. 

The results: increasing revenue, sales at higher prices, systematic referrals, more repeat business with existing customers, systematic acquisition of new customers. Elements: 

  • Assessment of the current marketing and sales effectiveness, the derivation of the potential, setting ambitious marketing and sales targets
  • Development of a strong market positioning with powerful unique selling propositions
  • Derivation of marketing strategy and marketing measures
  • Systematisation of the sales processes (or their improvement)
  • Strengthening of the positive sales mindset of all team members with customer contact
  • Setting up a dashboard for the success measurement of marketing and sales

Customer Focus Package

High customer focus and excellent customer service are consistently regarded as important competitive factors. Most executives and customers also see significant potential in the consistent customer focus of the entire company. In this package, we will systematically and sustainably increase your customer focus across all organizational levels. Elements: 

  1. Collection of the current level of customer focus from an internal and external perspective
  2. Development of a customer focus vision, the exact meaning and consistency in the entire management team about the benefits of customer focus
  3. Determination of measures of success and processes for measuring customer focus
  4. Workshops for systematically increasing the customer focus of all members of the organization
  5. Measure success and adjust actions

Leadership Excellence Package

The quality of leadership is a (if not THE) decisive factor for the success of the company. However, in many companies, little is done consistently to generate excellence on the management level. Often, the results are frustrated employees or a lacking commitment to contribute to the company. This package brings the quality of the management to a much higher level. Ingredients: 

  • Survey of the current leadership quality from the employees' point of view by individual interviews and short surveys, preparation of a report with the greatest deficits, derivation of actions, and measures of success
  • Conducting short workshops and trainings with all managers, including the leadership team
  • Measurement of the success of the actions, e.g., by pulse checks (short surveys)
  • Besides this package, often my Leadership & Performance Coaching for individual managers is recommended.