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I’m working on our Cultural change and I have to say that your Friday Memos are helping too much!
— Luis Paul Sanchez Sassoe, Plant Manager at Baumann Springs

I enjoy your weekly newsletters, always thoughtful and to the point.
— Diana Ritchie, CEO at SCC Sàrl, Swiss Career Connections

I read your newsletters whenever I can and I’m thrilled by the content.
— Rainer Stern, SAP, Global Vice President

Many thanks for your inspiring approaches each Friday noon. Quite often, they ignite innovative ideas for our business.
— Stephan Hirt, CEO, Schwob AG

I read with a lot of interest your weekly memos that are very insightful and “to the point”. Thanks again for sending them to me.
— Zarko Stevic, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Audemars Piguet & Cie

Wonderfully put as always. These are certainly words to live by.
Your clear, succinct writing continues to amaze me, not to mention your insightful urgings. So happens I am putting myself through an exercise much like you have recommended this week and now you’ve given me a better framework for executing it. I am already feeling a long wished-for boost in productivity.
— Andy Shaw, Journalist, freelance writer, consultant

WOW – hit the nail on the head with today’s memo!
Thank you Volkmar for all the great articles over last year! Always made me stop, ponder and think about the topic for the week.
— Barbara Onyskow, WFIM Chair

This is an excellent tip for productivity boost. I am going to try and implement that from today on and see how it works out. Thanks for the tip!
— Kamran Derakhshan, Senior Project Manager, Crédit Suisse

Thank you for your latest memo - I also encourage simplicity in our customer relations, particularly as we deal in often abstract concepts. I will actually be pinning these three principles to my wall, and have shared them with my customer relations team!
— Will Wilkinson, Commercial Director, Economist Corporate Network

I did just want to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy your Friday memos. This week, the comment about understanding and remembering the past in order to build a better future is one which I find to be very meaningful.
— Carolyn Helbling, CEO, The British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce