Are you a CEO, VP, or manager? If so, read on.

As a manager, VP, or CEO, do you know how many decisions are delayed and how many bad choices are made just because the people in charge are not at peak state?

The consequences are dramatic and often harm your business success.

Bad or delayed decisions are the root cause for losing market share, slow innovation, frustrated people, and dissatisfied customers, to name just some of the consequences.

Studies prove the strong relationship between low energy levels of the responsible people and the quality of decisions: The lower the energy level, the worse the choices.

This becomes particularly apparent in meetings and one-on-one conversations. How many of your meetings are energetic with people at peak state, and how many are rather relaxed and low energy? In most companies, the latter outmatches the former by far.

The good news is the issue can be changed effectively and sustainably with little investment.

This is why I created this special program. Depending upon your business’s needs, it will include some or all of these elements:

  1. A lean “energy assessment” of your meetings and conversations. We will attend meetings and conversations and assess the different parameters that indicate the needed energy levels to make good decisions.
  2. Impulse workshops of 90-120 minutes with the relevant people to change their paradigm and explain the relationship between physical and mental state and the quality of decisions.
  3. Moderation and facilitation of selected meetings to demonstrate the effects of higher energy levels.
  4. Personal coaching of managers to change their state and behavioral patterns in meetings and conversations.
  5. Ongoing training to make the changes stick with all relevant people.

Imagine meetings that are energized and fun, in which high-quality decisions are made quickly with full commitment of all involved people. Imagine how quick and good decisions result in higher customer satisfaction, faster innovation, and effective strategy execution. Imagine a company or department in which you and your team members are inspired and full of energy.

And imagine how quickly you can outperform your competition if all this is in place.

This all is possible with very limited investments, which will be exceeded by the effects on your top and bottom line 10, 50, or 100 times.

Take the first step now.

It is very simple: Just click on the button below to schedule an evaluation session with me in which I learn more about your specific challenges and you can ask any questions. I will also explain more details about the program. After this initial 30-minute discussion on the phone, you’ll decide if we take it to the next step from there. Simple as that! No risk, no obligation!

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