Due to constant demand, I offer the below Leadership Mastery Workshops as standard packages at favorable conditions. Click the button below to learn more and to schedule appointments. 

The workshops can be delivered in durations ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, for 5-100 participants. In any case, the events are extremely interactive and arm the participants with numerous actionable tips and techniques. My paradigm: As little theory as necessary, as much practice and practical value as possible.

All methods are fully field-tested and based on the knowledge of the most successful individuals and businesses, as well as over 25 years of personal international professional experience. 

How to implement a sustained Peak Performance Culture

Most businesses operate well below their potential. The decisive question is this: How can a company grow from a mediocre culture towards a culture of enduring peak performance? My workshop provides specific methods, approaches, inspiration, and support. If the participants apply what they have learned, they will sustainably raise their area of responsibility to new levels of performance and surpass their peers in their own industry and beyond.

Participants will come out of the workshop with a concentrated dose of knowledge and proven methods. This will enable them to raise the culture of the company or their area of responsibility permanently to a whole new level of performance.

The most successful tips and techniques for an immediate increase in personal performance 

The largest potentials of productivity in companies are often in the personal work routines and behaviors of managers and all employees. 

After the workshop, participants will have a full ‘toolbox’ of methods and techniques at hand. Every day, these tools not only increase your personal productivity, but also reduce your stress and grant more time for the really important things. As a result, the entire organization, particularly in the administrative areas, becomes more productive with the consequence of increased business success and reduced costs.


The Strategy Success Formula: How to develop successful strategies and drive their full execution

Too many business strategies are never fully implemented. The cause does usually not lie in the implementation per se, but in the strategy creation: too long, too complicated, with the wrong people, without a clear vision and mission, without clearly defined implementation process, without positive emotion, without clear responsibilities and so forth. 

Strategy creation and implementation are no rocket science; however, most management teams do not use the best suitable tools and often make basic mistakes along the process. 

In my workshop, I address the following points, among others:

  • The 8-step method to quickly build your business strategy and effectively execute it
  • The 3 most important prerequisites for any successful business strategy and why most management teams do not consider them
  • The greatest error in the creation of strategies that “guarantee" later difficulties during implementation
  • How to create a strong vision for the business in the shortest possible time
  • How to identify core values  that are really useful for business success (in contrast to random “value laundry lists”)
  • How to master the critical transition from definition to implementation of the strategy with high momentum
  • How to awaken the necessary enthusiasm of the team that is eager to implement the strategy
  • Why most business strategies do not bring the desired success (and if they do, then mostly just by accident)

Target audience

Business line managers and members with their own areas of responsibility 


Participants receive a clear and simple to use process to create strategies and bring them in the implementation, which is normally practiced by only the most successful businesses. The participants will be able to avoid the major mistakes and produce a high momentum for strategy creation and execution. Consequently, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage and improve business performance significantly. 

How to make better decisions

Most managers suffer from the variety of choices they have to make every day. At the same time, the complexity and the severity of the effects increase. Therefore, a crucial question for the company’s success and the full commitment of the managers  is how to most effectively and quickly make decisions, while minimizing the risk of serious mistakes. 

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The impact of increasing complexity on decision-making
  • The surprising effects of ever-growing choices
  • How you persuade and sell better by recognizing human decision patterns
  • Which times of day you should avoid for important decisions (and other surprising insights)
  • How you can delegate decisions effectively and securely
  • How you can deal with the wrong decisions
  • Paradox: How the conveying of wrong decisions ultimately leads to fewer mistakes
  • How we can help people make faster decisions by de-cluttering the choices
  • What we can learn from the Apple and other successful companies in terms of decision making

Target audience

All managers and employees that have to make decisions every day 


After the workshop, participants will have significantly increased awareness of the parameter in decision making. They will also be able to apply clear methods and better understand why people make certain decisions, in particular customers and colleagues. As an effect, more decisions are made that directly contribute to business success. At the same time, frustration and stress because of too many decisions will be reduced.