Are you a CEO or manager? If so, read on.

Probably you already know that the most sustainable and important drive for high performance stems from clear goals and a strong purpose.

Think about yourself: When was the last time you were in a state of peak performance? And under what circumstances were you most motivated?

I bet it happened when you sensed a clear purpose and direction. These are the same triggers for high performance for every human being, including your employees.

For that exact reason it is crucial to make the purpose and the direction clear and compelling, namely for everybody in your area of responsibility, no matter if that includes the whole organization, a business unit, a department, or a team.

The purpose of a company is manifested in its mission, and its clear direction is expressed by a vision statement. However, the terms are not important. What is key is how compelling your mission is, in other words, how much everybody can personally relate—primarily emotionally—and for that reason show up each morning with high energy and motivation. The second element—the vision statement—must be so strong that your employees find it worth fighting for. The vision provides impulse and direction, to which the entire energy of your staff members should be connected.

Now, look at your current mission—that is, your “purpose”—and your vision statement.

How compelling are they? Would your team walk an extra mile for them? Would everybody pull together to get closer to the vision? Are your people passionate about the journey, or do you instead face mediocre satisfaction? Is everybody in their comfort zones, or do your people want to achieve more than average?

The essential triggers for these differences between high performance and mediocrity are your persuasive power and the strength of your mission and your vision, whether you like it or not!

Yet despite this unquestionable importance for the sustained success of their business or their team, most business leaders face substantial difficulties in leveraging these foundations for the advantage of their company. This is what I have recognized in my collaboration with numerous managers of all kinds of organizations. In this sense you are not alone with this challenge!

The reason is quite clear:

Considering all the daily challenges, there is simply not enough time and focus to dive into this topic. Even if the outcomes at the end of the day are simple and clear, the route to get there is paved with obstacles and doubts. You have to know quite a bit about human psychology and the success principles of the most accomplished businesses and individuals to master this truly challenging task.

I have studied this topic for many years and have helped developed numerous compelling missions and powerful vision statements for organizations.

Thus, here is my offer:

Based on my experience, my ongoing studies, and my 25+ years in an international business career, I have created a package that will help CEOs, managers, and their teams create a compelling mission and a strong vision statement in the shortest time, which will direct businesses toward new horizons and unleash the full energy of their staff members.

The package consists of three half-day workshops that are highly focused and based on my proven methods. As a result, after these three half days and some homework in between you will not only have a compelling mission and a powerful vision statement but also razor-sharp positioning in the marketplace and strong alignment and enthusiasm within your leadership team.

This entire package, including an evaluation session, comprehensive individual preparation, workshops, and wrap-up of the results, will be a fixed investment of € 8,900 net, including expenses in Switzerland but excluding expenses in all other countries. On top of this, this fee includes unlimited access to me personally via phone and e-mail during our project and three weeks beyond.

Click on the button to the right to register for a free telephone session to evaluate my support without any further obligation. You can use this session to ask any questions and to place special requests.

Imagine what it would be worth to you for your entire team to pull together in one clear direction with their full commitment and energy to achieve even the most ambitious business goals.

Imagine you can provide a compelling and undoubtable direction for your people. Imagine turf battles and uncertainties evaporating. Imagine a new enthusiasm and high-performance attitude among your team. Remember again your moments of peak performance: How clear were your purpose and your goals? This is the same with all members of your team and your organization.

Give your team what it needs the most to perform at the highest levels and you will harvest the results: substantially higher revenue, higher profitability, stronger innovation power, and more satisfied customers. The value—in monetary terms alone—will exceed this little investment by far.

Register now for the telephone session without any obligation. Click on the button above.

Seats are limited since I can only work with a small number of organizations simultaneously. 

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