How you achieve astounding results with “little big” improvements

In many organizations it’s not about comprehensive programs for higher performance, but the many “little” things that are in the way of raising performance and achieving strategic goals. The innovative Rapid Results Packages were created out of the demand for managers and CEOs to finally make a big step forward without starting a large program.

Your benefit: You achieve substantial improvements with measurable effects on topics which you normally never have the time or system to address sustainably.

I offer the following packages as standard, yet also creates customized packages according to your specific needs.


Immediate Revenue Growth

In most companies, there is significant potential for immediate revenue increases. Just look at your latest purchase, regardless if it was for business or pleasure. How well did the sales person tap into your full purchasing power? And how often are you contacted after a purchase? These are just a few examples of many ways to increase your sales dramatically in the short term. 

In this package, we will not only apply simple and hardly considered latest sales methods, but will also question the beliefs of your team and implement methods that will help you in the easiest way to generate new leads and customers in a short time. 

Your benefit: 

Simply: More prospects, more customers, more sales, more profit.

Effective Meetings

How many of your business meetings could create better and more relevant results? How many meetings should you cancel? How much productivity could you gain? This package not only reduces the number of meetings in your organization, but makes them more productive.

Your benefit:

You can easily increase productivity by 10-20 percent for your employees and yourself.

Email Culture

It’s the same old story: most people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of emails flooding their inboxes. And yet, there is a solution once and forever if only each employee substantially changes both receiving and sending behavior. These changes start with an understanding of communication patterns and behavioral triggers.

I will not only define the rules in collaboration with your staff, but also will continuously train them day by day, email by email.

Your benefit:

30 to 60 minutes saved time per day per employee, on top of raised motivation. The investment in this package will easily pay off within a few weeks.

Controlling power

Many companies (in particular small businesses) often lack essential business management tools, such as defining the most important metrics, sales forecasts, dashboards for clear decision-making and information of the team, and much more. Usually, there is little expertise on how to process data quickly in a meaningful way and compile it clearly and comprehensively. 

With this package, you benefit from my years of international controlling experience. I am not only able to cover the above mentioned deficits and help you to prepare the most important reports, but also train your employees to master the most important controlling processes. 

Your benefit:

Better decision making for the management team, more business security, better communication with the entire workforce, and greater commitment to business objectives (based on better understanding and greater transparency). 

Effective websites

Many companies still present themselves with websites, such as 10 years ago: meaningless "we are like any other" presentations. Nowadays, however, individuality and a clear positioning are just as necessary as a clear objective of your appearance on the Internet. In addition, many websites are still not suitable for mobile devices. Most leave the possibility to capture the contact data of prospective customers during their first visit and disregard this lead generation opportunity. 

In this package, I define with you the exact objectives of your websites and create it in a modern, mobile-compatible version on one of the best and most maintenance-friendly platforms in the world, so you can easily maintain and redesign the web pages, even after minimal training. 

Your benefit:

Increased trust building among potential customers, clear positioning against your competition, and lead generation from website visitors.

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