Everybody can do better. Real leaps in performance are difficult. 

But these leaps are exactly what most teams and companies need to stay ahead or to get to the top. 

"I think most businesses and teams need a kind of business fitness program to sustain their success. This is the topic of my new book, "Business Fitness: Escape Mediocrity!” (yet published only in German). And this is the focus of my support of business leaders, teams, and companies." 

My mission is to help as many teams and companies as possible reach higher levels of success, sustainably and with high momentum. According to my book, I call this way to top performance “business fitness." 

Based on numerous interactions with my clients and building on my many years of international experience, I have created several different options of collaboration I deliver alone or with partners. 

All programs have in common the fact they sustainably raise the performance of your business or team to a new level. In doing so, we break outdated thought patterns and apply the latest proven best practices. As a result, you will achieve your challenging goals faster and more sustainably. 

I offer four support options:

Business Fitness Packages

"Crisp results, instead of lengthy consulting projects!” 

We send your team or company into a virtual fitness studio, where we "train" together success-critical topics. I work with you as your consultant, coach, trainer, and trusted advisor to achieve concrete goals in the respective fixed price package: 

  • Strategy Success Package: For a compelling and clear business strategy, implemented swiftly
  • Winning Team Program: For a highly productive and passionate team
  • Marketing and sales package: For sustained growth in sales and profits
  • Customer focus package: For increased sales and profits through loyal customers
  • Leadership Excellence Package: For a highly motivated team through best leadership

Each of the packages follows a clear structure and brings lasting results that count for your business. That’s what I stand for.

Leadership & Performance Coaching

"Often, nothing changes as long as we do not change our habits and behavior.” 

In my Leadership & Performance Coaching, we work individually on the sustainable change of beliefs, behaviours, routines, and personal development. The focus can be on business and private. I offer three variants for performance coaching: 

  • Personal coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Trusted Advisor

Keynotes & Workshops

You want to have a boost for your team or work on a particular topic for a day or two? With my keynote and workshops, you can reach many people in a short time. Suitable for training, inspiration, and generation of business results. My topics: 

  • Culture
  • Enthusiasm
  • Strategies
  • Customer focus
  • Productivity
  • Special: Leadership Mastery Workshops

Rapid Results Packages

Often, a focused improvement in a specific area of work results in significant growth of success. I am repeatedly amazed, how businesses and teams can generate measurable improvements with little effort at a certain topic in the shortest time. I also call this "fitness sprints." My current packages: 

  • Rapid sales growth
  • Productive meetings
  • Email culture
  • Controlling power
  • Effective websites