Building a Winning Team

For Rising Tide, I developed and conducted two one-day workshops in the context of their annual Offsite meetings with 25-45 staff members. The goals included raising personal responsibility, substantially improving morale, and initiating a roadmap for the ongoing development towards a winning team culture. The participants left the workshops with high levels of inspiration and a set of tools and methods to change their attitude and routines sustainably.

Volkmar led our organization through a highly energized and well organized day, using proven tools Winning Teams use every single day to keep their focus and to change their mindset to winning attitudes. We had fun as a team and we have gone on to implement new programs that reinforce successful attitudes at Rising Tide.
— Shawn Stephenson, Chairman at Rising Tide Foundation Group
For our past Offsite in March, we were looking for a strong partner to facillitate the topic “Scaling up Excellence” to engage our diverse group of top talent. Rising Tide is conducting strategic Offsites with our talent base on an bi-annual basis. We were looking to engage a strong partner to help us in offering our demanding talent base an innovative learning opportunity. At the same time, we were seeking to create organizational momentum and increase our own capabilities by making the transition from learning (input-basis) to performance (output-basis) swiftly.The partnership with Volkmar Völtzke did exceed our expectations. He is sharp and innovative in his approach while balancing and adapting to the unique cutomer environment. Volkmar’s partnership with us delivered a great impact on our culture and mindset, which we were able to transform by continous focus in the meanwhile thanks to the great partnership with Volkmar.
— Aleksandra Orman-Lorenz, Group HR Director at Rising Tide

Leadership Coaching

For Amadeus Germany, I coached a senior executive over a period of 12 months. Here her testimonial:

At Amadeus Germany, I’m responsible for about 80 employees spanning over two hierarchy levels. As my personal coach, Volkmar Völzke worked with me for about 12 months. During this time, I could, with his help, uncover not only important personal thought patterns – which I wasn’t aware of – but also change decisive behaviours sustainably. Consequently, my productivity improved, my capability to delegate grew substantially, and my personal quality of life increased to a new level. Briefly, my influence and the quality of my work improved while my work time and stress decreased.

In particular, I was impressed by Volkmar’s capability to uncover my subconscious levers for my true potential and to provide me with concrete methods and tools that I could directly put into practice. Volkmar closes the chasm between psychology and business, so that, at the same time, the individual and the entire team benefits.

I recommend Volkmar to all leaders who not only want to achieve more in their career sustainably, but also aim at improving the quality of their life and the effectiveness of their leadership.
— Uta Martens, Head of Sales, Amadeus Germany

Strategy definition, leadership effectiveness, operational excellence, and employee commitment


At OnAir, an innovative provider of passenger telecommunication solutions for airlines, we have been supporting the CEO and the leadership team to execute its planned revenue growth for each of the following years. Our support started with diagnosis of the current situation at OnAir’s Geneva and Seattle locations and identification of the key improvement areas, which include strategy clarity, leadership effectiveness, efficiency of business processes, and employee commitment. We conducted numerous interviews and helped with a full-fledged employee survey during this phase.

We have been working with the leadership team along a clear roadmap for driving change in all high-potential areas. After three months, the project has already led to several significant improvements, such as a clearer and simpler vision and strategy, a more consistent involvement of the employees, streamlined communication, and increased leadership effectiveness. Further project phases will include the definition of key processes, clarification of roles and responsibilities, structural changes, and the execution of the refined strategy. 

Strategy development

The clear focus on strategic goals was key for the extraordinarily successful workshop with New Pace Consulting. As a result, LGT created the foundation for its sound business strategy within shortest time.
— Bruno Piller, Director Region Bern/Mittelland, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG

For LGT Bank Switzerland, the Swiss branch of a leading private bank based in Liechtenstein, we formulated the strategy for the bank’s repositioning in the market and aligned the regional directors in a consistent strategy implementation process. The key challenge of this project was the identification of possible paths to profitable growth in a mature market characterized by high competition and pressure on margins. In a two-day leadership conference⎯preceded by the diagnosis of the current situations and goals⎯we identified unique differentiators in the marketplace and possible scenarios to strengthen them. The leadership team is now fully committed and inspired to act upon these levers and execute the outlined implementation plan.

Global career progression program

We are thrilled how you orchestrate and structure the project.
— Tony Pante, Global Vice President, SAP

At SAP, a Fortune 500 company and global leader for business software with over 50,000 employees in more than forty countries, we have started a project for the Inside Sales Division with the goal of creating a global career progression program for its fast-growing workforce with over 600 employees. The intents of this global project include faster ramping of new employees, clear career paths, higher retention rate, and higher productivity of the division.

In the course of the project, we will align with stakeholders from numerous countries, identify the added value of a career framework for regional and local sales teams, provide a framework and certification program, and initiate the rollout to all regions and countries based on a consistent rollout plan with clear accountabilities.

Business process definition and ISO 9001 preparation

In New Pace we have found a strong, reliable and highly professional partner who approaches issues comprehensively, always sets clear objectives, and keeps the organizational strategy in focus.
— J. Esser, CEO, Ecolistec AG

For Ecolistec, a Swiss niche player in the construction device market, we developed the key business processes needed for efficiently running the operations and setting the foundations for growth. Working directly with the CEO, we focused on simplicity and scalability of the operational processes, which included development, marketing, sales, production, delivery, and support processes. We also supported the introduction of a quality management system to achieve the ISO 9001 certification. 

Strategy definition and execution roadmap

Allow me to congratulate you on pulling together a tight and logical journey from aspiration to practical implementation. Great job!
— Christina Bregy, Chair of International Board of Trustees, Medair

For Medair, an international emergency relief organization with over 1,000 employees in six countries, we formulated a consistent global strategy and assisted in its implementation by developing a straightforward execution plan. The project resulted not only in a simple, clear, and ready-to-execute strategy, but also in increased leadership capacity, improved accountability of the leadership team, and enhanced communication channels within the organization for better staff commitment.

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HR transformation

I want to express my personal appreciation for the leadership and insight that you brought to our strategic process. I feel that we are on the road to very good changes as we implement this new strategy. It was great to work with you in this process.
— John Rigstad, Director of Information Services, Medair

For Medair, we have also been transforming the Human Resource function to position it as an internal business partner and effective change agent within the organization. The work has included the discovery and improvement of HR business processes, re-assignment of roles, responsibilities, and process ownership, as well as the introduction of performance indicators. In several workshops, we involved the stakeholders in the diagnosis and the development of more effective and efficient processes, and identified a prodigious number of quick wins. In the following project phases, we will be helping the process owners implement the decided process improvements and support the measurement of progress.

Inspiration and alignment of international sales team


For BRP, a world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and powersports engines with more than 6,000 employees, we helped the EMEA leadership team realign the international sales team toward a new business strategy and more sales effectiveness. The engagement in collaboration with Sandler Training included an executive-level workshop at a regional sales conference focused on improved sales techniques, sales processes, and increased customer focus. 

Operational efficiency

We are absolutely impressed by the outcome of the work with you. Not only did we clarify our processes, but we also gained numerous insights for improvements on the short and long term and have built a basis for successful knowledge transfer.

The workshops were highly effective, engaging and stimulating at the same time. You managed to motivate participants with no prior knowledge in this field and incorporate everyone’s contributions.
— Pascal U., President, Forum EPFL

For ForumEPFL, a leading job fair in Switzerland, we supported the Head of ForumEPFL and his team in achieving significantly higher operational efficiency and a faster ramping of new employees. The project included the mapping of business processes, creation of clarity among different stakeholders, some elements of organizational design, and enablement of team members for implementing the improvements.

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Operational foundations for fast growth

New Pace Consulting was from the start a reliable partner that has always focused on achieving sustainable results. The high level of professionalism on strategy, process management, and project management has always impressed me. Even in the extremely dynamic environment with changing contact persons, New Pace could achieve quick results.

I can entirely recommend New Pace Consulting to all organizations that want to implement their strategy consistently and successfully.
— Thomas Hegg, Chief Financial Officer Air-On, Program Manager

For Air-On, a dynamic Swiss high-technology company delivering innovative air conditioning devices to the European market, we set the operational foundations for its planned, ambitious growth. The project included the definition of scalable and sustainable business processes in a very short time in collaboration with the process owners, assignment of responsibilities, the identification of appropriate tools, and training of role owners. The scope ranged from all primary core processes, such as marketing, sales, production, and delivery, to supporting processes, such as hiring, budgeting, and quality management. As a result, Air-On can achieve its challenging growth targets and meet the expectations of its shareholders.

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Boosting sales performance


For Capital Dynamics, an independent asset management firm, we supported the Global Head of Business Development in the strategic repositioning of his division by providing⎯in collaboration with our partner company Focus360⎯sales training to the international sales teams. The training included role plays with video analysis and the identification of most urgent improvement needs.

Process streamlining and global best practice sharing

Volkmar is a thoughtful, practical leader with the right approach to gaining insight from various team members and rolling out much needed improvements.
— Neha Modha, Senior Manager, Business Operations, SAP

Before founding New Pace, Volkmar Völzke worked with SAP, the global leader for business software solutions, on improving the efficiency of the European Field Services organization (consulting and educational services) and the global SME division. The work included best practice sharing among over twenty European branches, diagnosis of process weaknesses in local entities, and process alignment with regional standards, as well as dedicated improvement plans and regular follow-up with each of the subsidiaries.

On a global scale, Volkmar contributed substantially to the international rollout of business process standards in all regions and selected countries, such as the United States, Japan, Argentina, and Latin America. Within the business division of small and midsize enterprises, Volkmar worked on the standardization and implementation of efficient business processes in the United States and Brazil.