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Recorded Webinar:

What it really needs to change any corporate culture

Recorded webinar conducted by Volkmar Völzke, the sought-after expert on peak performance and seminar leader for the globally renowned training platform TrainHR.

Why you should watch this webinar

Culture is a set of common values and beliefs that drive people's behaviors. This definition delivers the root cause for the challenge of changing any corporate culture: the change requires the questioning of shared values and beliefs.

Consequently, transforming any corporate culture means breaking paradigms, changing habits, implementing new routines, and establishing new experiences. The people's resistance can be substantial if you do not address cultural change effectively. Along the way, there are so many traps that nobody can be surprised by the high failure ratio. 

In this webinar, we address the key obstacles, uncover the main drivers, and deliver a powerful framework for successful and sustainable cultural change. We challenge current paradigms and provide surprising insights into people's behaviors and motivation.

Mastering cultural change has never been more important than today for any organization that wants to thrive rather than merely survive. 

In this session, participants learn:

  • What is your corporate culture anyway and why is it important?
  • The power of momentum. How do we achieve escape velocity?
  • Who needs to change, the culture or your perception?
  • Too much theory, too little action. Practical tips that really work
  • Why each cultural change needs a powerful movement, and how you can generate it
  • Why do people hesitate to change? And when do they starve for change?
  • The seven key triggers for any lasting cultural change
  • The most important traps before and during the change
  • Get started: What to apply immediately the next day

Who should watch this webinar

As CEO, Business Unit Head, or any leader, you know this: Your people's values, beliefs, and behaviours–what we call "corporate culture"–are the number one reason for failing strategy implementations and change initiatives, for stalled post-merger integrations, for lacking customer focus, for slow innovation, and for the best people leaving your company.

In other words, your corporate culture is the key driver for the success or failure of your organization. Organizations with a high-performance culture are more profitable, grow at higher rates, and have more committed employees and more loyal customers. Ultimately, they have a higher impact on the world. 

Why you should watch this webinar

If you have ever tried to change a corporate culture-no matter for what reason and regardless if for the entire organization or just a business unit or department-you know about the challenges connected to this goal. Changing the corporate culture seems to be the key challenge for most leaders on their route to growth and higher performance levels, no matter which industry or type of organization.

On the other hand-now more than ever-we face an increasing need to create a corporate culture that supports and drives the highest performance in any given area. A high-performance culture becomes a key differentiator in the marketplace.

So the decisie question is this: what do you really need to change your corporate culture sustainably, for the greatest benefit of your people, your customers, your shareholders, and yourself as a leader? 


This webinar is for

  • CEOs
  • Business Unit Heads
  • All people in any leadership role
  • Change Agents
  • Operational Managers
  • Interested employees of all levels who want to drive lasting cultural change

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