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Webinar recording, conducted by Volkmar Voelzke, the sought-after expert on peak performance and seminar leader for the globally renowned training platform TrainHR.


When it comes to raising performance levels of any kind of organization, the focus is more often than not on "technical" aspects: business processes, lean management, structural changes, and the like.

In contrast to this "conventional wisdom," we will explore in this webinar a completely different perspective which is at least as powerful as-if not more than-the well-known measures, with the potential to instantly raise performance levels by a factor of 3, 5, or even sometimes 10.

The paradigm shift presented in this webinar is based on countless studies and experiences from performance projects at numerous organizations. It goes far beyond common productivity programs and taps directly into human psychology and physiology.

The new paradigm builds on the well-proven assumption that the highest potential for organizational and individual performance lies inside the mind of the people. And it asks one key question: what is it that makes some people and some businesses stand out and operate at much higher performance levels than the average?

Consequently, we can double or triple the performance of virtually any person or organization by modeling the success principles of the best of the best.

Peak performance goes far beyond high productivity. It also includes personal physiology, psychology, persuasion, and a strong mission. This webinar will arm its attendees with a basketful of strategies and tactics to make more of their lives-privately and in business-and to unleash the full power in other people. It will help you improve yourself and lead others. 

Why should you watch this webinar

In brief, you should attend this webinar if you want yourself, your team members, your area of responsibility, and ultimately your entire business to operate at substantially higher performance levels.

Fact: Despite all efforts to increase productivity, most organizations still have a significant potential to operate on higher performance levels.

This webinar is the right choice for you if you believe that your team or your entire organization is not yet playing in the champions’ league.

Consequently, it is a must for you if you observe one or more of these problems in your organization:

  • You or your team members act below your true potential

  • Your team does not create the impact on your market and your customers that you could
  • You and your team members sometimes feel frustrated because they do not get things done as fast as intended
  • As a manager, you sometimes struggle to inspire your people to higher productivity
  • Tasks take too long to get executed or require too much effort
  • You feel high levels of stress and tension for yourself or in your team
  • Your goals are not ambitious

The consequences of these symptoms of lacking momentum are widespread, and they include the following:

  • Your team is less productive than possible
  • Business goals are challenging to achieve
  • A substantial cost saving potential remains untapped
  • Your business risks falling behind the competition
  • Other productivity measures do not generate the intended results

This webinar is a perfect choice for you if you want to accomplish the following:

  • Create an organization that shows the highest productivity consistently 
  • Have employees who feel energized and encouraged each day
  • Start projects and initiatives that generate results at a high pace
  • Always have the full commitment of your staff members
  • Have more happy customers who appreciate the peak performance levels of your people daily

Areas Covered in the Session

  • A new understanding of "peak performance"
  • Why should be care? Aren’t we productive enough?
  • Strategy #1: Make the right choices and direct your thoughts
  • Strategy #2: Gain momentum
  • Strategy #3: Increase your level of accountability
  • Strategy #4: Understand the value of your time
  • Strategy #5: Focus, focus, focus!
  • Strategy #6: Change your mental food
  • Strategy #7: Change your daily routines
  • Strategy #8: Learn to persuade
  • Strategy #9: Change your physical state
  • Strategy #10: Connect with yourself
  • What to start right away on the road to peak performance

This webinar is for

  • CEOs
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Department Heads
  • Anyone in any Leadership Role
  • Interested Employees of all levels who want to improve their Performance Levels

Fees: US$ 195 Recorded

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