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Webinar Recording:

What Outstanding Leaders Do

... and why many Corporate Leadership Programs Fail

Recorded webinar conducted by Volkmar Völzke, the sought-after expert on peak performance and seminar leader for the globally renowned training platform TrainHR.


Most organizations' workers cite lack of good leadership as a key area for improvement. Weak leadership causes a number of other problems, such as uncertainty among the staff, a culture of blame instead of accountability, frequent changes in directions, a low innovation rate, and a lack of communality. At the end of the day, organizations with weak leadership face higher business risks, slower growth, and lower profitability than those that have excellent leadership in place.

Even if most CEOs and HR Directors recognize this issue, many leadership programs fall short because they focus too much on methods and too little on root causes of poor leadership. Even worse, most small and midsize businesses have no serious leadership program in place at all.

In this webinar, we suggest a different paradigm for leadership in organizations which focuses primarily on individual mindsets, behaviors, and habits of leaders who stand out. A great leadership culture in any organization is rooted in the belief that every employee starts with excellent leadership for themselves, no matter if they lead people or not.

We will provide powerful tools to ignite this "grassroots movement" for better leadership and guide you through the process to implement it in your business.

As a result, you will have a leadership development framework applicable to all kinds and sizes of organizations that avoids the common pitfalls of "traditional" leadership programs which start "from the top."

Why should you attend

In brief, you should attend this webinar if you see a potential for better leadership in your organization with an effect on overall business performance. 

Do any of these describe your organization? 

  • Employee surveys show leadership or management as a key improvement area
  • One of the reasons people are leaving the organization is the relationship of employees to managers
  • The company's vision is not clear to all staff members
  • Employees show uncertainty about the organization's purpose
  • Strategies are not always clear and not fully executed
  • Strategic decisions are delayed
  • Overall, people feel uncertain about the future of the organization

The consequences of these symptoms of weak leadership are widespread - for instance:

  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Lack of decision making
  • Demoralized workforce
  • Reduced business performance
  • Increased business risk

This webinar is a perfect choice for you if you want:

  • An organization in which all people perform at their best 
  • A clear mission, focus, and direction
  • A culture of excellence
  • Leaders willing to step out of their comfort zones
  • A dynamic organization

Areas Covered in the Session

  • The key consequences of mediocre leadership
  • Why leadership is still an issue, despite all the knowledge available about it
  • What outstanding leaders do differently 
  • The true root causes of mediocre leadership 
  • A new paradigm for outstanding leadership development in any organization 
  • How to sustain great leadership
  • The key traps of leadership development and how to surmount them
  • Five steps you can take tomorrow to improve leadership in your organization

This webinar is for

  • CEOs
  • Business Unit Heads
  • HR Professionals
  • Anyone in any Leadership Role
  • Interested Employees of all levels who want to learn about a New Paradigm for Leadership


  • US$ 195 Recorded

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