Most businesses operate well below their potential. 

This can be seen simply from the fact that in almost every industry there are individual companies that are far more successful than the average. The biggest difference does not lie in individual products or capabilities, not in “lucky circumstances” or favourable characteristics of customers, but in the beliefs and attitudes of the leadership team, the managers and all employees in regard to success. 

People and companies with a “peak performance culture” are not only permanently successful and therefore more profitable, but also have employees who demonstrate more engagement, commitment, and joy at work. 

Thus, the decisive question is this: How can a company grow from a mediocre culture towards a culture of enduring peak performance? My workshop provides specific methods, approaches, inspiration, and support. If the participants apply what they have learned, they will sustainably raise their area of responsibility to new levels of performance and surpass their peers in their own industry and beyond. 

Excerpt from the content of the workshop:

  • Demystification of the term “culture”: what does corporate culture truly mean and why it is so important for success?
  • How can we change cultures at all? What works and what does not?
  • What causes resistance from team members and how do you get all the people in the boat?
  • The 3x3 model for lasting excellence and how we use this model to improve performance permanently.
  • How to create sustainable commitment and enthusiasm among employees.
  • What mistakes are essential to avoid in order to not sabotage your transformation (which is exactly what many managers do when trying to change their culture).
  • The exact process of cultural change.
  • Typical traps along the way and how to avoid these from the outset.
  • How each person can lift him or herself to a new level of performance and at the same time have more fun and fulfilment.
  • Five steps that each participant can start immediately after the workshop.

Target Group

CEOs, managers and members of all hierarchy levels 

Results and added value

Participants will come out of the workshop with a concentrated dose of knowledge and proven methods. This will enable them to raise the culture of the company or their area of responsibility permanently to a whole new level of performance. Depending on the length of the booked workshop, participants will be trained in methods for their own sphere of activity and will already have begun practicing how to apply their skills before the workshop ends. Making them better able to implement a peak performance culture immediately on returning to work.

As an after-effect, the company’s performance will increase significantly, which will be reflected for example, in higher profitability, stronger growth, higher employee engagement and greater customer loyalty. 

Options and methods

The workshop can be delivered in sizes ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, for 5-100 participants. In any case, the event is extremely interactive and is characterized mainly by the fact that the participants take away diverse actionable tips and techniques. My motto: As little theory as necessary, as much practice and application as possible. Depending on needs and the number of participants I deliver the workshops either alone or together with other trainers in my network. 

All methods are field-tested and based on the knowledge of the most successful experts (I invest considerable sums in my own training annually) and on my more than 25 years of international experience with various companies from different industries, sizes and geographies, as well as executives of various functions and levels. 

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