The most successful tips and techniques for an immediate increase in personal performance 

The largest potentials of productivity in companies are often in the personal work routines and behaviors of managers and all employees. While tremendous progress in increasing the productivity of administrative and production processes has been achieved in recent years, the processes of daily personal work routines are often far from the possible maximum. This not only leads to reduced performance, but also to unnecessary frustration and stress of both managers and employees alike. 

The following topics will be addressed in the workshop:

  • How we often are in our own way of a permanent increase of our performance
  • Why our personal beliefs almost always determine our actions and how we can change them
  • What every individual can do, immediately, to increase their daily productivity by at least 20% 
  • How managers can create a culture of high productivity in their field
  • How to make every meeting productive (with techniques that are new to most people)
  • How to always do the important tasks before the urgent ones
  • One crucial tip that almost every day increases the productivity dramatically with immediate effect
  • How to combat procrastination once and for all

Target audience

All employees who want to utilize their time more effectively, achieve more, and along the way reduce their stress 


After the workshop, participants will have a full ‘toolbox’ of methods and techniques at hand. Every day, these tools not only increase your personal productivity, but also reduce your stress and grant more time for the really important things. As a result, the entire organization, particularly in the administrative areas, becomes more productive with the consequence of increased business success and reduced costs. 

Options and methods

The workshop can be delivered in sizes ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, for 5-100 participants. In any case, the event is extremely interactive and is characterized mainly by the fact that the participants take away diverse actionable tips and techniques. My motto: As little theory as necessary, as much practice and application as possible. Depending on needs and the number of participants I deliver the workshops either alone or together with other trainers in my network. 

All methods are field-tested and based on the knowledge of the most successful experts (I invest considerable sums in my own training annually) and on my more than 25 years of international experience with various companies from different industries, sizes and geographies, as well as executives of various functions and levels. 

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